Security Officers for Chicago, Illinois Car Dealerships


Security Officers Chicago, Illinois Car Dealerships

Security Officers Chicago, Illinois Car Dealerships

Car dealerships face even more difficult security issues than your average retail buisness. Security Officers for Chicago, Illinois Car Dealerships are necessary as there are many high valued vehicles that can been stolen, vandalized or taken one peice at a time. This can include components, parts, car titles, plates, tires, catalytic converters, gps systems, CD/DVD players, headlights,and other equipment.  Thefts typically happen in the evening and weekend hours while nobody is working. The rare metals used in catalytic converters  can fetch from $1500 to $7,000 per ounce depending on the metal and the demand on the open market.

As reported by an recent survey, in 2004 Theft of motor vehicle parts and accessories to car dealerships amounted to $2.6 billion. Theft can happen in all areas from delivery to sale of vehicle and the time it spends on the show room or lot.

Risk and Inventory control cover all aspects of Car Dealerships activities,

Parking Controls

Protecting Vehicle Accessories

Grounds and Building


Staff Consideration

Inventory Control

Parts, Accessories and equipment

Cash Accounting

Key Control

Employee Dishonesty

Much can be devoted to any of these topics. We can assist with many of these issues but they  begin with Security Officers Chicago, Illinois Car Dealerships. Our 25 years of experience in this demanding security guard service is something auto dealerships should take advantage of. Please do not hesitate to call us for a survey of your facility and a proposal for trustworthy experience that we can provide.

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