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Metro Security Force is a fully insured and licensed (#119.001102) private security guard companies based in Chicago, Illinois. Rest assured that security officers supplied under any of our contracts are fully licensed and will meet the contract requirements.

Metro Security Force, Inc. offers best value yet affordable protection. Compare us to other security guard companies in the Chicago area and you will see the value that we can provide for your business. Free estimates are available 24 hours per day so don’t hesitate to  Contact Us.

Thank you and we look forward to serving your armed and unarmed security needs.

Trusted & Experienced

We are ranked as one of the top security guard compoanies with over thirty years of experience in the security guard industry, Metro Security is uniquely positioned to address all of your business needs.

Reliable & Fully Insured

Metro Security Force carries the standard statutory insurance such as unemployment insurance and workman’s compensation. In addition to the statutory insurance, we have general liability insurance of $3,000,000. We find this coverage to be adequate for most situations. However, in certain instances, a client may desire or require higher coverage. We are able to obtain higher limits when necessary at a nominally higher charge.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We gusrantee 100% satisfaction of all of your security needs. 

What Our Customers are Saying

I have used Metro Security on many of my construction projects and have always had positive results with them. Securing and monitoring my construction site is always the least of my concerns with them. Top quality individuals and office staff is responsible and cost effective. I will always use their services.

Jerry Kocko

Very solid company. I have relied on them on several occasions for long and short term security needs in the city. Owners are very professional and go out of their way to make sure the guards are doing a good job. Every Monday the owner actually visits all of his accounts in person to make sure everything is in order. I've had no problems and I highly recommend Metro Security!


We have been using Metro Security Services for the last several years. They are highly capable and very efficient. The number if instances at our locations has dropped to nearly zero once they came in. The owner is easy to deal with and always available if there should be a problem. I high recommend.

Paul Hansen

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